Greenhouses closed for 2019 season! Call if you need anything!



Q: Does Bultema Farms & Greenhouse grow all their own plants?
A: In the winter months, we start most of our plants from seed, cuttings, or small plugs. Anything we do not grow ourselves (shrubs, tropicals, & roses), we bring in from growers dedicated to producing the highest quality plants.

Q: What is the difference between an annual and perennial plant?
A: Annual plants have a life cycle that last only one year. They will need to be replanted each year. Perennial plants will regrow each spring under the right conditions. 

Q: Does Bultema Farms & Greenhouses sell only retail?
A: We sell both retail and wholesale. Our current wholesale customers include landscapers, greenhouses, garden centers, produce stands, grocery stores, churches, towns, and golf courses. For information on wholesale requirements please contact us.  

Q: What do you do all year?
A: We begin seeding trays and sticking cuttings in late December and early January. That generally continues through March and into April. April through June we are busy with retail and wholesale plant sales. We also spend some time in the field planting vegetables, grain, and pumpkins. In June, we begin planting mums from small plugs. Mid July through September we pick our vegetables from the fields. We sell them at Nick's Sweet CORNer and also ship out truckloads of produce to various grocery stores, produce stands, and wholesale markets. In the fall, mums and pumpkins are available for both retail and whole sale.  Mum sales usually begin in late August and we sell mums through early October. Pumpkins are normally ready early September through October. 

October through early November we spend quite a bit of time in the field harvesting our field crops (corn and soybeans). The end of November through early December is the time we us to repair/maintain our buildings and equipment.  Then we start all over again!